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Convenient, Expert, Local Insurances at affordable prices

Convenient, Expert, Local Insurances at Affordable Prices

Our services are not limited to provide our clients competitive rates with best terms and conditions from among the Top-rated insurance companies in U.A.E., but it is extended to manage and handle your claims with the insurance companies around the clock.

We advise our clients on the best solutions for them, obtain insurance terms on their behalf from different insurance companies, negotiate the terms & rates and customize them as per our clients’ requirements, Our services do not stop once our clients receive their policies; our ongoing services to our clients include ongoing policy review and maintenance, regular client meetings & updates, provision of detailed reports and comprehensive claims handling service.

Our Expertise

We have the expertise to properly evaluate a client’s circumstances and needs in order to recommend the right product based on benefit design, network availability, service level, price, financial stability, underwriting preferences, and commitment to the market. The strength of RELIABLE is in its highly experienced and target-oriented team having a diversified local and regional expertise, comprehensive technical expertise with a clear vision on market and protege.

Our Vision

Pioneers in the field of insurance sector by seeking to contribute to provide the best coverage and prices to meet all customers in the United Arab Emirates in an easy and clear way based on high credibility and outstanding transparency.

Our Mission

We aim to be a leading insurance broker in the insurance industry, by combining professional resources and skills with customer focus to deliver profitable growth. We provide a full range of insurance products to our clients and serve our local customers by offering a wide range of insurance solutions. Provide the best-diversified services to individual and corporate customers through highly qualified expertise and strong alliances with national insurance companies Regional and global. 

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We offer reasonable premiums to cover personal and corporate insurances, the aim is to render services that are professionally streamlined.

Why Choose Us


Tailored Cover

We guarantee at your next renewal, you’ll get the same or an even better price.


Set for Life

Customers told us the things they dislike most insurance. We listened and created.


Peace of Mind

Insurance Company has been serv policy hold protecting businesses, mitigating.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why choose an insurance broker?

As an Insurance Broker

• We have the distinct advantage of being able to help our clients understand insurance.

• Determine the insurance options that are the best for our clients.

• Help clients to determine the amount of coverage they need.

• Help clients to set up long term insurance.

Why choose Reliable Insurance Consultants?

Because Reliable Insurance Consultants cares about clients’ satisfaction, are well aware of what the market offers, and are well connected with most insurance companies.

Does dealing with insurance brokers mean paying additional premium?

Not necessarily. Insurance brokers do make a commission, which is loaded on the premium quoted by insurance companies. However, discounted prices offer to brokers who are well connected with insurers and who understand the client’s need, can offset commission. Nevertheless, brokers who can reach the optimum cost-efficient levels in their operation can work with a very low commission which hardly affects the premium.

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